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35 Years of Exceptional Customer Support

Las Vegas Tech Support Testimonial Reviews

For over 35 years, Holman’s of Nevada has made quality support our top priority, and place a lot of pride in making sure that our clients are fully satisfied. If you would like to submit a testimonial, visit our Referrals & Reviews web form, or write a review on Google or Yelp.


What customers are saying about Holman’s technical support

“We at Steiner’s-A Nevada Style Pub have utilized Holman’s Computer services since opening our first location in 1998. Dave Meteyer, Steve Mineer, Joe Schmidt and their team of professionals make it quite easy to stay on top of all our IT protocols. Their TotalCare Tech support allows us to buy time in discounted blocks in case we are ever in need of service, and then the cost has already been budgeted for, making it affordable and smart too. We highly recommend Holman’s Nevada for all computer and network servicing applications.” – Roger Sachs, Steiner’s – A Nevada Style Pub Co-Owner/Director of Operations

“Holman’s level of expertise and Holman’s approach regarding technical issues were spot on. Holman’s professionalism, interacting with me and our staff, at this critical time, was impressive. At no time did I feel the situation was out of control even though I knew our critical software, “Autodesk Vault” was not a traditionally Holman’s supported software application. Calm was the order of the day and Holman’s command of the situation made us feel safe. They don’t teach such interpersonal behavior in school; it has to come from within an individual, a professionalism exhibited by each Holman’s staff member involved. The Holman’s team I witnessed, from top to bottom, during Entelechy’s computer system crisis, is a special outfit, unlike any I have experienced in my 20+ years in business. Thank you to everyone at Holman’s; I look forward to many years of company growth, with Holman’s support, and friendship.”
Stan Gibbons, Entelechy Corp. President

“I really appreciate all attentions, availability, efforts and quality work from Steve Mineer and Joe Schmidt, with the issue of my brand new HP station. I am really happy to count with great friendly people around me when the needs of reliable sources some times are limited, Thank you again to keep me running and being such an incredible support and professional service.”
Lauro Urbina, Architect

In this cynical world, it is refreshing to come across customer service as willing, trustworthy and helpful as that which I experienced at Holman’s of Nevada. Joe Schmidt and his assistants patiently guided me through frustrating obstacles and in a professional and calm manner, quickly understood my difficulties. The daunting experience of navigating unfamiliar software became, with Holman’s expert assistance, a valuable and enjoyable educational experience.
Kevin M. Canes, AIA

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