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Paper & Ink Supplies

Original HP Ink Supplies

The slightest impurities in printing inks can lead to many types of failures and clogs in inkjet printing systems, affecting image quality and your printer’s reliability. That’s why Holman’s only provides genuine HP originally manufactured ink cartridges and printheads.  Never settle for a substitute or refilled product.  Why?  Components wear and tear over time, degrading print quality, reliability, and functionality. Start with a new cartridge to get the most out of your print system. Why risk the uncertain performance of an ink cartridge refill? Reliability is never in question with Original HP supplies.

Holman’s supplies HP Ink and Printheads for the following plotters and printers:

  • HP Designjet 500/800 Series (#10, #82, #11)
  • HP Designjet 1000 Series (#80)
  • HP Designjet 4000 Series (#90)
  • HP Designjet T920 & T1500 Series (#727)
  • HP Designjet T120 & T520 Series (#711)
  • HP Designjet 5000 Series (#81)
  • HP Designjet T610, T620, T1200, T1100, T1120, T1300, T2300, T770, T790 Series (#72)
  • HP Designjet Z2100 & Z3100 Series (#70)


Plotter Paper and HP Ink Las Vegas


CAD Bond Plotter Paper

The right plotter supplies can make all the difference when it comes to quality. That is why Holman’s provides a wide range of CAD Bond paper. Our supplies are perfect for engineers, project consultants, and architects requiring superior plotting and imaging for their projects.

*Holman’s accepts returns on unopened boxes of paper


HP Plotter Repair Services

Is it essential that your copying, plotting and plan printing equipment performs at the highest level? We are here to help. Knowing your plotter is working to the best of its ability is important to ensure peace of mind, especially as repairs and replacement parts can add up to serious amounts downtime. Click here to learn more.

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