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ReCap 2017

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Autodesk ReCap 2017

Autodesk Recap 2016New technologies are now enabling the direct capture of spatial information about the physical world to improve workflows across industries that design, produce, or manage physical products or projects, from buildings to highways to video games. This is Reality Computing.

Autodesk® ReCap™ is at the forefront of Reality Computing with a family of products and services that allows you to easily integrate reality capture data into your design process. Using laser scans or photographs, ReCap streamlines your workflow by turning the real world into as-built 3D data that you can use with other Autodesk products.

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ReCap  |  ReCap Pro (Desktop Product)

  • ReCap is a free application with no time limit.
  • ReCap Pro is available for a 30-day free trial with additional Pro features installed (these can be activated at any time under a subscription plan). ReCap Pro features include: Targetless, scan-to-scan registration Survey points input to improve accuracy.

Real View on ReCap 360 (Free Service)

  • View and share laser scans in Real View on ReCap 360.
  • Real View will be published on your Autodesk 360 account by uploading your own scans from your ReCap desktop application.

Photo on ReCap 360 (Professional Photo-to-3D Service)

  • Create 3D models from photos.
  • Free service in preview mode (up to 50 images).
  • Buy cloud credits to produce 3D models from photos in full resolution (ultra mode).


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