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Introducing the Leica MS50 MultiStation

A New Dimension in Measuring Technology

Leica Nova MS50 MultiStationLeica Geosystems introduces the first instrument in its class, the MS50 MultiStation.  This next generation instrument is part of the Nova class of instruments, each of which are instruments in their own class.  MS50 MultiStations are the first total stations with MergeTEC that allows scanner functionality, robotic productivity and precision all in one instrument.

Leica Nova MS50 Multistation: Brochure
Leica Nova MS50 Multistation: Datasheet


Leica Infinity Software

With a revolutionary new product there is a revolutionary new office software to manage data.  Leica Infinity is designed to work “Hand in Hand” with the MS50 instrument, merging TPS survey and Scanning data from the MS50 in a manner that is easy to see and easy to correct.  Update Traverse’s and setups with ease then export the data for use in a CAD application.  It could not be easier.

Leica Infinity: Brochure
Leica Infinity: Datasheet
Leica Infinity: Quick Guide

Leica MultiWorx



MS50 instruments fuse scanning and standard surveying, making the task of scanning easier than ever before in the field.  To complete the work flow we have built a new AutoCAD based tool for working with data from the MS50.  MultiWorx is a plug in for all AutoCAD applications that allows direct import of MS50 data for use in CAD environments.

Leica MultiWorx: Brochure

Leica Nova MS50 Application


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